About Us

CatsStats was created at Davidson College in 2013 by four members of the Class of 2014 and mathematics professor Dr. Tim Chartier. They began offering advanced analytics to the Davidson College Men’s Basketball team on a trial-basis, attempting to help the coaching staff and reveal insights through mathematical analysis. By the end of the first season and much trial and error, the coaching staff realized that the work being done was not only helpful, but indispensable and asked the group to continue the following season. Since the members of the group were graduating, a new group of analysts were brought in and CatsStats began to grow.

Since 2013, CatsStats has continued to develop and offer new analysis to the basketball team each season. Below you will find a list of CatsStats members past and present. Alumni of CatsStats are now working as analysts for NBA teams across the country, and the work of the group has garnered national media attention since the Wildcats’ move into the Atlantic-10 conference.

The Team

Staff Members

  • Dr. Tim Chartier – Associate Professor of Mathematics. Dr. Chartier is well known for his mathematical modeling of the NCAA March Madness tournament (more information here). He continues to recruit new members of CatsStats and create consistency from season to season.

Current Members

  • Henry Duncan ’16
  • Max Schimanski ’16
  • Ross Kruse ’17
  • Grant McClure ’17
  • Jason Feldman ’18
  • Abhi Jain ’18
  • Athena-Maria Kalamaras ’18
  • Nathon Tenpas ’18
  • George Baldini ’19
  • Mike Blasey ’19
  • Noah Furman ’19
  • Wes Kerr ’19
  • Jackson Lang ’19

CatsStats Alumni

  • Miles Abbett ’14
  • Ford Higgins ’14
  • Bryan Kelly ’14
  • Seth Kindig ’14
  • Brian Sachtjen ’12