Davidson-GW WBB Preview

February 18, 2021

It is game day and here’s your automated Cats Stats game preview. Get into the game with the numbers. Cats Stats writes the computer program and the computer pulls the stats and writes the prose.Davidson @ George Washington, February 18, 2021Davidson:Davidson is 2-6 away from home and is 7-10 overall this season. Their middling 64.4 points per game have earned them the 180 rank in the nation. On the defensive…


Steph’s Recording Breaking Rate

Klay Thompson interviews Steph Curry
February 2, 2021

On January 31st, Klay Thompson asked Steph Curry when he’s break Ray Allen’s 2,973 three-point field goal record. Curry noted that Klay was in the booth and should be the one computing the stats. Off the cuff, Klay predicted 40 games. Watch the interview below and you’ll see how he quickly revised his prediction when it was noted that Curry is still almost 400 made three-pointers away. We’ll post Curry’s…


Patrick Mahomes – early success

Patrick Mahomes - early success
February 1, 2021

With Super Bowl LV approaching, it’s easy to get excited with what will unfold and also nostalgic with what’s transpired. Among the stories of the game is the tale of age. A year ago, Patrick Mahomes was handed the Pete Rozelle Trophy as the youngest Super Bowl MVP at age 24. At 43, Tom Brady is the oldest quarterback to reach the Super Bowl, which was also true when he…