• What’s the time? Time and total point differences in grand slam tennis
  • Round 2: The Madness Continues
  • Round One Recap
  • Bracket tips from Cats Stats Scouting


The highly anticipated return of the MLB All Star game is quickly approaching after its hiatus last year because of the pandemic. Like 2019, the All Star game is implementing a two phase voting system. The first phase required fans to vote for a group of club-nominated players at each starting position and was completed on June 24. The top three players with the most votes at each position (top…


What’s the time? Time and total point differences in grand slam tennis

Every year, the professional tennis players get to play four major grand slams – the Australian Open, Wimbledon, French Open and the US Open. The Australian Open and US Open are both played on hard court surface. Wimbledon is played on grass, and the French Open is on clay.The surfaces the matches are played on tend to affect the way the players compete, last on court and react to certain…


Round 2: The Madness Continues

(Probabilities are generated using metrics-based stats.)This year will certainly go down in the record books as one of the Maddest March Madnesses. Sports Illustrated recently reported that the 2021 Sweet 16 field features the highest seed average ever (source). With all this being said, there are a bunch of upsets that caused major shifts in calculated win probabilities this week—much moreso than in Round 1. The graph below shows just…


Round One Recap

Around 10pm on Saturday night, after North Texas had just completed their 9-point upset over Purdue, the ESPN Tournament Challenge app sent a notification that out of 14.7 million brackets submitted to ESPN, a mere 1,039 remained perfect. Just for fun, I wanted to calculate how human judgement was performing against a simple coin toss.2^12 yields that for 12 games, there are 4096 possible outcomes. Dividing 14.7 million by 4096…


Bracket tips from Cats Stats Scouting

COVID-19 is unpredictable, its effects have been costly on sports programs since its arrival. With the excitement of “March Madness” looming high in the air, the uncertainty of COVID-19 has every basketball fan anxious. Bracketology is here, but how can COVID-19 affect your bracket? COVID-19 has caused many game cancellations and program shutdowns. When analyzing the field of 68, there are some important COVID-19 implications to address. Most teams did not…


With Kentucky and Duke out, who is left to favor?

Since selection Sunday, I’ve seen a lot of headlines about both Duke and Kentucky not being in the tournament for the first time since 1976. That made me want to research a little deeper into the potential impact that the absence of both Kentucky and Duke will have on this year’s March Madness tournament. The combination of both Duke and Kentucky not being in the tournament has only happened fourteen…


Maddening Seeds of Doubt

The COVID-19 pandemic has created an NCAA college basketball season unlike any other. Many teams were forced to cancel multiple games throughout the season. This can sow doubt in the seeding of the teams. Mis-seeded teams can give bracket-making methods an edge. However, the very reason for the mis-seeding makes analysis of the season unlike other years. Even so, a lot of games were played. How much could even one…


Pandemic Madness

With the arrival of “Selection Sunday,” the NCAA Division 1 Basketball Championship tournament brackets have officially been released. “March Madness” is officially in full swing. However, looking back on this pandemic season; How has this season varied from past seasons and what impact could COVID-19 have on the tournament? Through analyzing the four #1 seeds in the tournament, we can gain insight into the answers to these questions. The pandemic has…


Davidson-GW WBB Preview

It is game day and here’s your automated Cats Stats game preview. Get into the game with the numbers. Cats Stats writes the computer program and the computer pulls the stats and writes the prose.Davidson @ George Washington, February 18, 2021Davidson:Davidson is 2-6 away from home and is 7-10 overall this season. Their middling 64.4 points per game have earned them the 180 rank in the nation. On the defensive…

Klay Thompson interviews Steph Curry

Steph’s Recording Breaking Rate

On January 31st, Klay Thompson asked Steph Curry when he’s break Ray Allen’s 2,973 three-point field goal record. Curry noted that Klay was in the booth and should be the one computing the stats. Off the cuff, Klay predicted 40 games. Watch the interview below and you’ll see how he quickly revised his prediction when it was noted that Curry is still almost 400 made three-pointers away. We’ll post Curry’s…