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  • JMPing into the Stanley Cup Playoffs
  • A March Madness Champion: Lucky or Good?
  • Risers and Fallers in March Madness
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Usage Rates

What is the relationship among usage rating, minutes per game, and  games played per season for the twenty most highly rated usage NBA players over the last five seasons?  Our hypothesis was that higher usage rating will lead to higher minutes played and more games played.  However, we thought that players with a high usage rating will rarely play a full 82 game season due to increased vulnerability to injury….


JMPing into the Stanley Cup Playoffs

It’s April again, so NHL playoff season is officially upon us once again. As the field has been determined, the next logical step is to guess who will win each series and who will ultimately end the summer with a Stanley Cup. With the unpredictability of the playoffs, though, predicting the winners can seem like a daunting task. The President’s Trophy curse is real: the team finishing on top of…


A March Madness Champion: Lucky or Good?

March Madness is so exciting, in part because every game can be a team’s last. Every single game is Game 7. That being said, there is not much that decides winners and losers in the NCAA Tournament. One shot, one tip, one rebound, and as we saw this year, seemingly one millimeter of the rim. Because most of these teams are so evenly matched, the team that advances is many…


Risers and Fallers in March Madness

After an exciting weekend, we are officially down to four teams left in the NCAA Tournament. Virginia, Michigan State, Texas Tech, and Auburn all took down challenging opponents in close games in the Elite Eight, securing their spots in the Final Four. Last week, Cats Stats posted on article looking at the Sweet 16 via the Efficiency Landscape, which was based on the following tweet by Kirk Goldsberry looking at…


Cats Stats Visualizes the Sweet 16

This year, the NCAA Tournament has nearly been all chalk. If you picked all the favorites when filling out a bracket this year, you’re probably doing pretty well. Unbelievably, all 1,2, and 3 seeds survived the first weekend of the tournament (no Middle Tennessee, South Carolina, or UMBC this year). In fact, all of Kenpom’s top 14 teams are still alive in this year’s edition of the tournament. The others:…


Wofford: An Underdog Story?

Wofford is a team that has experts around the country talking. There’s good reason for the chatter: The Terriers, the Southern Conference regular season and tournament champions, finished the season 29-4 at number 19 in the AP poll and number 13 in the NET rankings. Their offense is powerful: they have the 12th most points per game (83) in the country, the 10th best field goal percentage (49.3%), the 4th…


U Must Have Been Cinderella

Until last year, the 1-vs-16 match-up in the NCAA basketball tournament had been a mere formality since the tournament expanded to 64 teams in 1985. 1 seeds were undefeated with 135 wins against 16 seeds in that time span, and coming into the 2018 tournament, there was no indication that the unbeaten streak would end. The most discounted matchup was that between Virginia, the top seed in the tournament, and…


Can You Turn Left Like Jimmie Johnson?

One of the biggest misconceptions about racing is that it’s as easy as driving to the grocery store. Nothing could be further from the truth. For new fans, it’s hard to fathom just how difficult it is to turn left for 200, 500 or even 600 miles. Turning a steering wheel doesn’t seem like a test of an athlete’s true potential, so drivers’ athletic skills are consistently dismissed.However, comparing drivers…


JAG For A-10 POY: The Numbers Say There’s No Debate

The Atlantic 10 regular season has come to a close, with VCU securing the regular season championship. Now, before the fun gets going in Brooklyn, the biggest question remaining: Who will take home A10 Player of the Year honors? Several players have had noteworthy seasons, including Javon Bess (Saint Louis), Marcus Evans (VCU), Josh Cunningham (Dayton), Justin Kier (George Mason), and Sincere Carry (Duquesne). Each of them has their own…


Michigan State Comes Back to Defeat Rival Michigan

This week in Assist Map Mondays, we take a look at a rivalry game between two top 10 teams. On Saturday, March 9th, the #9 Michigan State Spartans defeated the #7 Michigan Wolverines 75-63 in East Lansing.Saturday’s game marked the second meeting between the two teams this season, as Michigan State beat their rivals on the road on February 24. Both teams are relatively balanced on both sides of the…