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Diamonds Dancing: Predicting the Madness

Before the NCAA tournament begins, many different media outlets like to post their favorite Giant Killers. These are lower-seeded teams that have a good chance of pulling off an upset in the first round. However, often times these teams are one-and-done deals, flaming out in the second round after their game of glory in the first round. There is a big difference between Giant Killers and teams that can become…


Shot Selection in College Basketball

Any person who spends a significant time around the game of basketball knows how often the importance of shot selection is preached. But what is it that makes shot selection so important? To a certain level, it is intuitive: teams that are able to create good shots are more likely to make those shots. However, it is hard to quantify both what shot selection actually is, and also how to…


Talking it Over: Efficiency After Timeouts

Often times during a TV broadcast of a basketball game, fans will hear broadcasters exclaim, “What a great play coming out of the timeout. [Coach X] drew that one up to perfection!” Broadcasters may even refer to specific coaches as experts in their ability to focus a team strategically during a timeout. But other than those occasional plays that excite broadcaster and fan alike, what evidence do we have that…


“Born to Run”: Searching for a New “Pace” Statistic

Here at ‘Cats Stats, along with giving our readers some interesting new ways to think about how basketball is played, we also aid Davidson Basketball (and many other Davidson Varsity sports), in pre-game preparation. This means it is our job to find ways to increase Davidson’s knowledge of both its opponents and own team. Coaches and players then use this knowledge to design and execute a gameplan, offensively and defensively….



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