Maddening Seeds of Doubt

March 17, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has created an NCAA college basketball season unlike any other. Many teams were forced to cancel multiple games throughout the season. This can sow doubt in the seeding of the teams. Mis-seeded teams can give bracket-making methods an edge. However, the very reason for the mis-seeding makes analysis of the season unlike other years. Even so, a lot of games were played. How much could even one…


Ranking College Baseball 2018

May 22, 2018

The Colley and Massey methods are two mathematical algorithms that use linear algebra to rank sports teams. Both use the network of interconnections formed by the match-ups between teams that occur over the course of a season to produce a full ranking of all the teams, even though each team plays only a subset of the other teams in the nation. In essence, the Colley method uses strength of schedule…