July 1, 2021

The highly anticipated return of the MLB All Star game is quickly approaching after its hiatus last year because of the pandemic. Like 2019, the All Star game is implementing a two phase voting system. The first phase required fans to vote for a group of club-nominated players at each starting position and was completed on June 24. The top three players with the most votes at each position (top…


Dream Job: Q&A with Tim Zue, Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President, Boston Red Sox

February 19, 2019

Tim Zue, a native New Englander and graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is a pioneer in sports-business analytics, particularly for his work managing the financial arm of the Boston Red Sox over the past few seasons.  Do you recommend specific areas of study for college students interested in a career in sports analytics?Zue: I believe that any classes that relate to using data and information to help solve business…


FIPping Out: The Luckiest Pitchers in Baseball

September 19, 2018

When we think of a pitcher’s production, most people will bring up two statistics: wins and earned run average (ERA). But in the sabermetrics era, researchers have found that in reality, one of these two stats is highly controlled by other means. Wins are a product of both the offensive results of the pitcher’s team and are not an isolated measure of a pitcher’s ability, rather they are indicative of…