Round One Recap

March 21, 2021

Around 10pm on Saturday night, after North Texas had just completed their 9-point upset over Purdue, the ESPN Tournament Challenge app sent a notification that out of 14.7 million brackets submitted to ESPN, a mere 1,039 remained perfect. Just for fun, I wanted to calculate how human judgement was performing against a simple coin toss.2^12 yields that for 12 games, there are 4096 possible outcomes. Dividing 14.7 million by 4096…


Maddening Seeds of Doubt

March 17, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has created an NCAA college basketball season unlike any other. Many teams were forced to cancel multiple games throughout the season. This can sow doubt in the seeding of the teams. Mis-seeded teams can give bracket-making methods an edge. However, the very reason for the mis-seeding makes analysis of the season unlike other years. Even so, a lot of games were played. How much could even one…


Gonzaga Passes by #1 Duke

November 26, 2018

This week, we take a look at a huge top-three showdown from Hawaii. On Wednesday, November 21, #3 Gonzaga defeated #1 Duke in the final of the Maui Invitation 89-87.This game featured two teams with terrific offenses complemented with fairly good defenses. According to KenPom, Duke currently ranks second—only behind Nevada—in adjusted offensive efficiency and eighth in adjusted defensive efficiency. The Zags rank fourth in adjusted offensive efficiency and 27th…