Davidson-Rhode Island Preview

It is game day which means an automated Cats Stats game preview. Get into the game with the numbers. How is our automated preview reading? Cats Stats writes the computer program and the computer pulls the stats and writes the prose.

Davidson @ Rhode Island, December 18, 2020


When playing on the road, Davidson has a record of 0-0. Their total record this season is 3-3. Davidson’s offense scores 71.0 PPG. This puts their scoring in the middle of the pack, ranking 209th in the country. Conversely, Davidson allows 65.8points on defense. They are 47.6% and 37.2% from the field and the three point line, respectively. Davidson makes 9.7 threes per game. From the free throw line, they are shooting 76.8%. Their average win margin for the season is 15.0 points and their average loss margin is 4.7 points.

Kellan Grady spearheads Davidson’s scoring, collecting 18.8 points per game while shooting 47.7% from the field. Along with Grady, Hyunjung Lee helps offensively, scoring 16.8 PPG on 54.1% shooting. One more contributor is Carter Collins, who gives Davidson 12.0 PPG while shooting at a 50.0% clip. Collins also helps others score by dealing out 3.7 assists per game. Grady additionally crashes the boards, cleaning up 5.5 rebounds per game. Defensively, Grady leads Davidson, swiping 0.8 steals per game. Helping Grady is Luka Brajkovic, who disrupts the lane with 1.3 blocks per game.

Rhode Island:

When defending their home court, Rhode Island is 1-0 while they have accumulated a total record of 3-4 this season. Their middling 74.7 points per game have earned them the 155th rank in the nation. On defense, they allow 72.3 PPG. On the season Rhode Island has scored on 46.3% of their attempts from the field. From beyond the arc they make 5.3 shots per game at a 31.4% clip. They also shoot 70.8% from the foul line. When Rhode Island wins, they beat their opponents by an average of 14.0 points, but they are bested by 6.2 points in their losses.

Rhode Island’s leading scorer is Fatts Russell, who pours in 15.7 points per game on 34.1% shooting. Jeremy Sheppard contributes 10.6 PPG while shooting 50%. Giving the team 9.2 points and shooting at an 52.4% clip, Jalen Carey complements Russell and Sheppard nicely as a third option. Russell is the floor general on offense, throwing 3.3 assists per game. Though not a top-3 scorer, Antwan Walker commands the paint, bringing down 6.9 boards per game. Russell’s pesky defense results in 2.1 steals per game. Makhel Mitchell makes opponents think twice before entering the lane, sending back 1.4 shots per game.

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