Game Day - Davidson/Richmond 12/30/2020

Davidson-Richmond Preview

It is game day and here’s your automated Cats Stats game preview. Get into the game with the numbers. Cats Stats writes the computer program and the computer pulls the stats and writes the prose. 

Richmond @ Davidson, December 30, 2020


When playing at home, Davidson has a record of 3-1. Their total record this season is 5-3. Davidson has an average offense that drops 72.3 PPG. This puts them at 193rd in Division 1. On the other side of the court, their top tier defense only yields 64.8 points per game. They are 46.4% and 37.3% from the field and the three point line, respectively. Davidson makes 9.8 threes per game. From the free throw line, they are shooting 71.4%. The point differential when they win amounts to 14.8 points per game. Meanwhile, it is 4.7 points when they lose.

Kellan Grady spearheads Davidson’s scoring, collecting 17.9 points per game while shooting 45.5% from the field. Along with Grady, Hyunjung Lee helps offensively, scoring 17.5 PPG on 54.9% shooting. One more contributor is Carter Collins, who gives Davidson 14.5 PPG while shooting at a 52.3% clip. While also a scorer, Collins leads the team in assists too, racking up assists per game. Luka Brajkovic leads Davidson on the glass grabbing 5.8 rebounds per game. Davidson’s defense is anchored by Grady, who has 0.9 steals per game and Brajkovic protecting the rim with 1.4 blocks per game.


When traveling, Richmond has a record of 3-1, and is 6-2 in all competitions. They are ranked 124th in the nation with 76.0 points per game. Richmond’s defense treads water, allowing 71.4 points per game. On the season Richmond has scored on 49.6% of their attempts from the field. From beyond the arc they make 6.9 shots per game at a 33.3% clip. They also shoot 67.4% from the foul line. Richmond beats their opponents by an average of 9.7 points when they win, but when they lose, they are outscored by 10.5 points per game.

Richmond’s leading scorer is Blake Francis, who pours in 16.0 points per game on 40.4% shooting. Grant Golden contributes 14.1 PPG while shooting 60%. Giving the team 12.1 points and shooting at an 46.7% clip, Tyler Burton complements Francis and Golden nicely as a third option. Passing comes easily to Jacob Gilyard who records 6.0 assists per game. Burton is an aggressive rebounder, and his 8.3 RPG show it in the stat sheet. Gilyard’s pesky defense results in 4.3 steals per game. Souleymane Koureissi makes opponents think twice before entering the lane, sending back 0.5 shots per game.

Game Day - Davidson/Richmond December 30, 2020

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